Roll it, Write it, Count it - Dice and Worksheet Set

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This Math Dice Worksheet Set can be a great addition to your child's home school curriculum! The dice can be used for number recognition - roll the dice and ask your child to name the number, or create basic math equations.

This set also include a printable PDF Math Dice Worksheet called Roll it, Write it, Count it. You can laminate the worksheet to use again and again. Roll the dice in the first box, write the number in the second box, and then draw marks or shapes in the last box with the coordinating number using a dry eraser marker. 

The dice can also be used for an easy numbers game! Have each player roll the dice, then add up the numbers. Whomever rolls the highest numbers wins the game. Or, roll two dice and ask your child which number is higher or lower. 

Each die has numbers applied to each side of a 1″ wood block and then finished with a water based, non toxic sealer to preserve the image. 

Dice Sets:

Set of (2) - Numbers 1-12 &  Roll it, Write it, Count it Worksheet 

Set of (4) - Numbers 1-24 & Roll it, Write it, Count it Worksheet

Set of (6) - Numbers 1-36 & Roll it, Write it, Count it Worksheet

Dry Eraser Markers are available in (4) colors here: Dry Erase Marker

A drawstring bag is included for easy travel and storage. 

NOTE: This item is not intended for children under 3 years old as the pieces can pose a choking hazard.