Sunny Day Hand Kite

Regular price $ 8.00

Hand kites encourage creative play in kids, as well an increased physical activity. They can run and watch the colored ribbons fly through the sky, or wave them around while dancing. These kites are fun way to bring outside fun indoors when the weather is cold outside.

Each kite started with a 3" wooden ring and then 6 satin ribbons are added in 3 coordinating colors. Each ribbon is tied to the ring and then knotted securely, resulting in (12) 20" ribbons in all. All ribbons are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

This hand kite features ribbon in the following colors: Daffodil, White and Maize  

These kites are fun for guests to play with at outdoor parties. If you would like to place a bulk order, or if you would like a specific color combination for your hand kite please use the CONTACT page to place a request.

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